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Navigating the Advertising Upfront: How PBS Offers an Uncluttered Media Alternative to Commercial Networks

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The Cluttered Advertising Landscape: The Challenge of How to Stand Out

With an advertising landscape that is more cluttered than ever, finding the right place to spend your advertising dollars is a challenge for media buyers and brands. As we approach the annual advertising upfronts, companies need to employ fresh media buying strategies to ensure their brand’s message reaches their target audience without being drowned out by competitors. PBS platforms offer advertisers a solution. With a limited number of national corporate sponsors per program, PBS offers a uniquely uncluttered media environment that sets itself apart from other traditional networks.

PBS: A Unique and Uncluttered Environment for National Advertisers

PBS offers a distinct media landscape that is different from traditional networks. PBS only has two, 60-second national sponsor pods per program – one at the beginning of each program, and one at the end. And each pod is limited to a maximum of four, non-competing brands. This brand exclusivity provides PBS corporate sponsors a prime opportunity to stand out to their target audience without being overshadowed by competitors.

Limiting Commercial Clutter Boosts Brand Recall

With fewer commercial breaks, PBS viewers can enjoy uninterrupted programming, which often results in higher engagement and retention rates. For corporate sponsors, this means that their message is more likely to resonate with viewers, leading to higher brand recognition and recall. 54% of PBS viewers agree with the statement “I am more likely to pay attention to sponsor messages on PBS”, compared to 30% for broadcast network viewers and 27% of cable viewers. [1]

Why Brands and Media Buyers Choose PBS  during the Advertising Upfront

The advertising upfront season is a critical time for companies to make strategic decisions about their media buying strategies. As businesses combat the problem of having their brand message drowned out in today’s cluttered advertising environment, PBS national corporate sponsors stand out and create a lasting impression on viewers. With increased brand recall and higher engagement rates, PBS provides an excellent platform for companies to build a relationship with their target audience effectively.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your advertising dollars, consider investing in a PBS National Corporate Sponsorship package this upfront season. Contact us to get started. 


Source:  [1] KANTAR Media/SGPTV Viewer Attitudes & Behaviors Study, April 27–May 16, 2020 

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