National Corporate Sponsors Find Success on PBS and PBS KIDS

See below to learn how PBS & PBS KIDS have helped leading brands meet their marketing goals.


Viking’s successful multi-year partnership with MASTERPIECE has helped the brand increase bookings and position Viking as a leader in the luxury cruise category. Viking continues to explore additional sponsorship opportunities on our national air and in their cruise line experiences.

Logo of Liberty Mutual Insurance featuring the Statue of Liberty's head and torch on the left side, with the text "Liberty Mutual Insurance" in bold, dark blue letters on the right. The words "Liberty Mutual" are above a horizontal line, with "INSURANCE" below it.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual’s long-standing sponsorship of the PBS documentary series, AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, puts Liberty Mutual’s brand in front of millions of loyal viewers and reinforces its brand identity as distinctly American. Liberty Mutual’s sponsorship also helps foster employee pride internally and aligns them with leading, expertly-told stories.



IKEA’s sponsorship of PBS KIDS programs provides their company with a platform to reach parents and raise awareness about at-home child safety and preventing furniture-related injuries.

A simple target logo, consisting of a red circle at the center surrounded by a white ring and an outer red ring, resembling a traditional bulls-eye target design.


Partnering with PBS KIDS has helped Target show their customers their commitment to supporting content that is inclusive and representative of all families.


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