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Upfront Insights: The Benefits of Partnering with PBS and PBS KIDS for Your Media Buys

Posters from various PBS and PBS KIDS programs

It’s that time of year, when marketers are making big decisions about media investments for the 2023–24 upfront season. Here’s a friendly reminder: PBS and PBS KIDS have a limited number of corporate sponsorships available on our most popular, nationally distributed series.

Why partner with PBS and PBS KIDS? Because it works.  

Consistently, large national brands see a lift in brand favorability and an increase in purchase consideration when they sponsor PBS. And research shows that PBS viewers are 2x more likely to buy products from PBS sponsors, as compared to viewers’ intent to purchase from advertisers on cable or commercial broadcast.

Only PBS offers sponsors:

  • Uncluttered, category-exclusive sponsor environment
  • Educated, influential and engaged audience
  • Alignment with quality, trusted content

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