Upfront Season: Key Questions for Your 2024-2025 Kids Media Buys

Make informed decisions for your brand’s media buys during the 2024-25 upfront season. Our expert tips can help you navigate the process, with a special focus on PBS KIDS programming.

Are you currently in the process of selecting media partners for the 2024–2025 season? Consider the following questions as you plan your media buys and learn how PBS KIDS can help your brand reach its goals.

  1. Does your brand want to reach a diverse audience?
    • PBS KIDS generates more Black, Asian, Hispanic & Native American W18–49 w/ kids<12 impressions than any other commercial kids network.*
  2. Is your brand concerned about competitive clutter?
    • PBS KIDS video content is limited to just three sponsors per linear series, and one sponsor pre-roll spot per streaming video. Sponsorship is category-exclusive.
  3. Does your brand want to maximize reach?
    • PBS KIDS has all of the top 10 kids programs against A25-54.**
  4. Is your brand looking to increase sales?
    • Parents are 30% more likely to buy a product for their child if they hear about it from a sponsor on PBS KIDS (vs. buying a product they hear about on a commercial network)***
  5. Does your brand have an educational mission?
    • All PBS KIDS programs are aligned with a mission, including STEM, Social/Emotional Learning, Literacy, Arts, Culture and Social Studies.

Looking for more information about PBS KIDS?

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