Protect your brand reputation: Political ad season tips

Learn how you can safeguard your brand reputation from the negative impacts of political ads while reaching your target audience effectively on PBS.

As the political campaign season in the US heats up, many brands are finding themselves inadvertently running their ads next to political messaging on commercial news networks. Running alongside an abundance of negative political ads raises concerns about brand safety.

Brands need a safe and reliable media platform that can help them reach their target audience while avoiding any unwanted association with political messages. Advertising in a brand-safe environment, like PBS, that does not allow political ads, is the perfect solution for brands looking to reach their desired audience effectively, and without risk to their reputation. 

The negative impact of political ads on brand reputation

When brands run their ads in commercial pods that have an abundance of negative political advertising, they expose themselves to a situation where they can hurt their reputation in the market. Research from J. Walter Thompson shows that brand advertising is perceived as… 

  • 32% less relevant
  • 29% less entertaining 
  • 27% less appealing when it follows a political ad* 

Taking it one step further, the research shows that a company can take up to a 34% hit in brand perception when their brand spot directly follows a political ad.* As a result, it is essential that companies choose networks that provide political ad-free environments to safeguard their integrity and reputation. 

Choosing the right media partner to ensure brand safety 

PBS does not accept political ads on any of its programs. Additionally, PBS’s national corporate sponsorship pods accept a maximum of four category-exclusive sponsors per program. Not only will your brand sidestep any negative associations with political ad messages, but your brand will stand out, sharing a pod with only a select few brands that align with PBS’s messaging standards. A key benefit: your brand will enhance its exposure among your desired target audience without any industry competition within your advertising pod. 

Targeted advertising to reach a high-value audience 

Brands looking to reach an affluent, educated audience on news networks, can alternatively reach this valuable demographic on PBS. PBS viewers are 59% more likely to have a doctorate degree, and 58% more likely to have a HH net worth of $1MM+. Moreover, they are 21% more likely to have a job title of top management, meaning they are influential decision-makers in their respective fields.** This creates an excellent opportunity for brands to advertise their products or services to an audience with greater purchasing power. 

Given the political climate as we head into the 2024 presidential election, brands must consider the potential negative consequences of running their ads next to political messaging. By prioritizing spending their advertising dollars in a brand-safe environment like PBS, companies can reach the highly-educated, affluent, and influential audience they are seeking, while avoiding hurting their reputation in the market. 

Contact us to learn how you can become a PBS national corporate sponsor and steer clear of the harmful impact caused by negative political ad clutter on the other networks.

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** MRI Simmons Fall 2023 Doublebase, A18+


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