PBS’s Trusted Content Boosts CSR Efforts, Builds Brand Loyalty

Find out how PBS’s trusted content can boost your CSR efforts and build brand loyalty. By aligning with socially responsible programming, advertisers can enhance their marketing strategy and connect with a loyal audience.

Consumers are increasingly discerning of the brands they support. In fact, 70% of consumers believe it’s important for brands to have a public stand on social and political issues.* As a result, businesses are prioritizing their CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives to keep  consumers – and employees – loyal.

Brands that align themselves with socially responsible causes and organizations have an opportunity to build trust and form meaningful connections with their audiences. PBS has built and earned trust with its audience over decades by consistently producing respected, educational, and entertaining programs. This trust in PBS transfers to national brands when they become corporate sponsors. 

Leveraging PBS’s Trusted Content to Enhance CSR Efforts

With over 50 years of experience in providing high-quality educational and informative programming, PBS has earned the trust of millions of viewers, and multiple generations. Resonating with audiences as a respected and unbiased source of content, PBS programs tell authentic, well researched, and diverse stories that are inclusive and reflect the voices and experiences of Americans. For instance, AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, television’s most-watched history series, takes a contemporary approach to multiplatform storytelling, connecting key moments of America’s history to today’s most compelling issues. The series underscores the importance of giving voice to often underrepresented stories including those around economic inequalities, racism in America, and women pioneers, and protects diverse filmmakers behind the camera. 

 By aligning with programming that addresses important social issues, brands demonstrate their commitment to making a positive impact on society, which strengthens the trust consumers and employees have in the brand’s values and integrity. In fact, 67% of PBS primetime viewers say they would “feel proud to work for a company that sponsors PBS.”** By supporting American Experience, advertisers and national brands are provided a mechanism that signals to their customers and employees their alignment with, and shared, core values. Leveraging PBS’ trust and credibility allows organizations to easily show their support of otherwise complex issues, and in doing so, enhance their brand reputation.

Advertisers Choose PBS’s Audience to Boost Marketing Strategy

One of the key advantages of aligning with PBS is the opportunity to boost business outcomes by connecting with a loyal and engaged audience. Many corporations look to PBS for the “PBS Halo Effect” which is the powerful and positive association that viewers make between PBS and their national corporate sponsors. 71% of PBS viewers say they respect brands advertised because of their association with PBS.** This connection directly impacts a brand’s bottom line – 58% of PBS viewers prefer to purchase products from companies that sponsor PBS compared to commercial TV network viewers.** Associating your brand with trusted, respected content pays off. 

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