PBS boosts employee engagement (Here’s how)

Boost company culture with a PBS sponsorship. Learn how PBS engages employees, expands knowledge, builds community, and elevates your brand.

Company culture matters. In today’s evolving work landscape, as many companies adopt hybrid work models, it has become even more important to foster a sense of community and connection among employees. Research shows that 85% of all Americans desire to work in an environment where they feel a strong sense of community and connection with their colleagues.*

When a workforce has a positive relationship with their employer they tend to be more satisfied and motivated, and therefore, more productive. To establish a positive connection with your employees, consider partnering with PBS, a broadcast organization that, for decades, has been a part of the American fabric for trusted information and learning. By advertising via a national corporate sponsorship of PBS’s leading primetime programs like AMERICAN EXPERIENCE or NOVA, your company demonstrates alignment with and a shared connection to PBS, reinforcing shared core values with your employees.

How does alignment with PBS improve company culture?

1. Enhanced employee engagement:

In addition to offering intellectually stimulating programming, PBS can often provide its national corporate sponsors with access to events and talent**, providing your employees with new avenues for exploration and engagement. This added level of connection to your workforce helps them remain intellectually stimulated, satisfied, and fully engaged. Such heightened engagement further leads to increased productivity, enhanced creativity, and a motivated workforce that feels valued. 

2. Employee knowledge expansion:

Through PBS programming and events, your employees gain access to educational content that broadens their knowledge, inspires new ideas, and fuels personal growth in the areas of history, science, technology and more. By aligning your company with PBS programs, you demonstrate a dedication to employee development and lifelong learning, providing valuable learning opportunities to employees. 

3. Company community building:

Nearly 1 in 5 BIPOC do not feel connected to their coworkers.* Creating shared experiences around PBS programs and events cultivates a strong sense of community within your organization. Whether it’s hosting watch parties, organizing group discussions, or planning team-building activities, these initiatives encourage collaboration, teamwork, and a united workforce. By fostering a community-driven culture, you create an inclusive environment where every employee feels connected and valued.

4. Positive brand association:

Aligning your brand with PBS programs like American Experience and NOVA sends a powerful message. It demonstrates a shared commitment to exploration, learning, and cultural understanding to both employees and external stakeholders. This association enhances your brand’s reputation, attracting top talent who seek an employer with a commitment to excellence and inclusivity. In fact, 67% of PBS primetime viewers say they would “feel proud to work for a company that sponsors PBS.”***

Strengthen your company culture with PBS

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**Pending availability. All attendees must cover their own costs.
***Kantar | SGPTV, US Video Audience Insights 2023


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