Insurance Companies: Advertise to Millennials & Gen Z on PBS KIDS

Insurance companies can target millennials & Gen Z with PBS KIDS. Learn how corporate sponsorship leads to long-term success for advertisers.

Insurance companies are constantly seeking new ways to reach potential customers and expand their market share. Millennials and Gen Z are sought-after audiences because they are at a critical life stage where they are starting families and making important financial decisions. Insurance companies can effectively target these key demographics by advertising on PBS KIDS.

A corporate sponsorship of PBS KIDS can help insurance companies build up their customer base, while also helping to set up millennial and Gen Z parents for long-term success.

Millennials and Gen Z are growing Audiences for Insurance Companies 

According to Gallup, Millennials and Gen Z-ers combined count for nearly half (46%) of the full-time workforce in the U.S. – so they have significant buying power!¹ They are also starting to settle down, buy homes, and have children. This presents a unique opportunity for companies to target these demographics and offer products and services that cater to their needs. As millennials and Gen Z become parents, their priorities shift, and they begin to focus on their family’s financial security and well-being. This makes them prime candidates for insurance policies, such as life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, and homeowners insurance.

PBS KIDS Advertising: A Smart Strategy for Reaching Millennials and Gen Zs

Millennial and Gen Z parents often co-watch programs with their children on PBS KIDS, making this an ideal platform for advertisers. By becoming a corporate sponsor of PBS KIDS, insurance companies can place their brand in front of millennial and Gen Z parents in a trusted and respected environment.

Four reasons why advertising on PBS KIDS is a smart strategy for insurance companies:

  1. Trusted Environment: 91% of parents say that “PBS KIDS is a trusted and safe place for my child to consume content on TV & streaming.”² By associating with this respected brand, insurance companies can build respect and credibility with millennial and Gen Z parents.
  2. Meaningful Brand Exposure: Ranking #1 with key adult & women demos versus the cable competition, advertising on PBS KIDS allows insurance companies to reach a large and engaged audience of parents who watch PBS KIDS with their children. [3]  85% of parents say “when my child is watching PBS KIDS, I watch with them.”² This high co-viewing rate, combined with PBS KIDS’  large audience, can help build brand awareness and drive interest in insurance products and services to engaged parents.
  3. Targeted Messaging: Parents who watch PBS KIDS are 28% more likely to say they are planning to buy life insurance in the next 12 months.⁴ PBS KIDS can help insurance companies reach a targeted audience primed and ready to purchase insurance products for their family.
  4. Positive Brand Association: Becoming a corporate sponsor of PBS KIDS demonstrates a commitment to supporting quality kids programming that is accessible to children of all backgrounds. The positive brand association (what we call “The PBS Halo Effect”) with PBS KIDS can help insurance companies stand out from competitors and appeal to socially conscious millennials and Gen Z.

National Corporate Sponsorship of PBS KIDS: A Win-Win for Insurers & Parents

By becoming a national corporate sponsor of PBS KIDS, insurance companies can enjoy the benefits of advertising on a trusted and popular platform that reaches millennials and Gen Z-ers who are looking to purchase insurance for the first time in their lives. Equally important: PBS KIDS provides a trusted platform that connects with young consumers, at a time in their lives, when they are developing brand preferences that may carry forward for a lifetime.

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