Fans discover and engage ANTIQUES ROADSHOW on TikTok

Learn how PBS’s ANTIQUES ROADSHOW found incredible marketing success by employing a unique TikTok strategy to increase their brand awareness and engagement.

There are an incredible number of diverse communities on TikTok and this social media platform has proven that there’s an audience for brands seeking to expand their reach. PBS’s most-watched ongoing primetime series ANTIQUES ROADSHOW has found great success on the platform, generating over 94 million views since its December 2021 launch. How? By creating targeted content for the TikTok audience.

Post views on the @roadshowpbs TikTok channel range from tens of thousands to millions depending on the post. With high views comes high engagement in likes and comments, providing new and existing fans a way to engage with each other and the series directly. The ANTIQUES ROADSHOW team is also using TikTok to announce new tour dates and ticketing. Ultimately, the winners are our fans, the series, and PBS corporate sponsors who are brand building with an ANTIQUES ROADSHOW sponsorship.

So, what’s the secret behind ANTIQUES ROADSHOW’s success on TikTok? While channel data provides concrete information on views, likes, engagement time, and followers, we look to ROADHSHOW’s status as a pop-culture icon to speculate on these two reasons: 

  1. ANTIQUES ROADSHOW on TikTok is entertaining audiences in an entirely new way, and they are sticking around and growing in numbers. 
  2. The thrill of finding treasures in attics, basements, garages, and hand-me-downs, is a transgenerational phenomenon. 

Learn how your company can build brand awareness and energize a new audience with a corporate sponsorship of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW. Linear, streaming, digital, social – this primetime ratings leader is placing its sponsors in a position for growth. Check out the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW TikTok account here, and learn how you can become a corporate sponsor of this iconic, innovative brand to further increase your brand’s reach.

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