CLV: How PBS Drives Audience Retention for Businesses

Understanding customer lifetime value (CLV) is crucial for long-term success, and PBS, through its trusted and generational content, offers a unique platform to cultivate lifelong audiences.
A child and an adult sit on a couch, closely watching a tablet together. The tablet screen displays an animated show featuring anthropomorphic animals. The adult wears glasses and smiles, while the child focuses on the screen, holding it with one hand.

Discover how PBS drives audience retention, cultivates brand loyalty across generations, and improves CLV for brands through trusted content on PBS KIDS.

In today’s competitive business landscape, understanding customer lifetime value is essential for long-term success. PBS provides the perfect platform for organizations to cultivate lifelong audiences through trusted content that spans generations. One of PBS’s most influential avenues for reaching and retaining audiences (A18-49, W18-49) is PBS KIDS, a platform that connects with both kids & parents. By focusing your advertising efforts on outlets with a history of having a high audience retention rate, businesses can grow both their audience and their bottom line over time.

Cultivating Brand Loyalty on PBS KIDS

From an early age, PBS KIDS captivates young audiences with its engaging and educational content. The carefully crafted stories, and highly-researched programming is designed to entertain and educate kids to instill a love for learning in children. By connecting with children at such a formative stage, PBS KIDS cultivates brand loyalty that can last a lifetime. When these children then become parents themselves, they are inclined to introduce PBS KIDS to their own kids, creating a cycle of audience retention that spans generations.

Parents appreciate the enriching content that PBS KIDS produces for their children’s educational and entertainment needs. 90% of parents say PBS KIDS is a trusted and safe place for my child to consume content on TV & streaming online.* As a result, parents are more likely to instill a love of PBS KIDS with the next generation. 

Retaining your Target Audience with PBS

PBS understands the value of lifelong customers, and continues to engage and cater to young parents’ changing needs and interests. By sticking with parents on their journey, PBS ensures that they remain connected to the brand even as their children outgrow PBS KIDS programming. Whether through captivating documentaries on FRONTLINE or binge-able, entertaining dramas on MASTERPIECE, PBS maintains a strong bond with young parents and adults. This continued engagement is vital for businesses, as young parents often have considerable purchasing power and appreciate brands that grow along with them.

Corporate Sponsors Benefit from PBS Brand Loyalty

For businesses, corporate sponsorship of PBS and PBS KIDS offers numerous advantages in terms of audience growth and engagement. By aligning themselves with this trusted and well-loved brand, businesses can tap into this engaged audience base that has a strong allegiance to the companies that make PBS possible. 82% of parents say they feel more positive about companies that sponsor PBS KIDS programming*, while 74% of PBS primetime viewers say they feel the same about companies that sponsor PBS primetime.** As a result, they are more likely to make purchases from PBS & PBS KIDS corporate sponsors. 

As an added bonus, the PBS & PBS KIDS audiences typically have the purchase power and influence that can boost brand revenue and growth. The PBS audience is affluent – with 57% more likely to have a HH net worth of $1MM+ – and influential – with 24% of viewers more likely to work in top management. And the parents who watch PBS KIDS are making buying decisions for their household – with adult viewers of PBS KIDS having a stronger likelihood to purchase household items, buy a car, and invest in home improvement. 

Furthermore, leveraging the PBS KIDS to PBS pipeline ensures that businesses are not simply attracting new customers but also nurturing lasting customer relationships. The long-term value of these loyal customers is immeasurable, as they are more likely to provide repeat business and become advocates for the brand.

Harness PBS for Customer Lifetime Value

As businesses strive to improve their customer lifetime value, it is essential to consider the power of audience retention and loyalty. PBS and PBS KIDS are perfect examples of how connecting with audiences while they are young leads to lifelong customer relationships. By partnering with PBS KIDS, businesses have the opportunity to capture parents’ attention, foster brand loyalty, and empower a new generation of lifelong customers.

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