Break through the Holiday Advertising Clutter with PBS KIDS

Don’t let your brand get lost in the holiday advertising frenzy. Learn how PBS KIDS avoids the advertising clutter of commercial networks, while reaching a receptive audience of parents.

Are you tired of your brand’s message getting lost in the holiday advertising frenzy? Year after year, parents express concern about the overwhelming amount of ads targeting their children. In fact, 64% of parents say they are concerned about this very issue.* This can present a problem for brands who want to get their message out there during this peak buying time, but don’t want to turn off parents who have a negative reaction towards advertising overload. PBS KIDS offers a solution to this problem, allowing your brand to shine in front of your target audience during the holiday season and beyond.

Advertise in an Uncluttered, Brand-Safe Environment 

PBS KIDS offers an uncluttered advertising platform where parents can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that their children will not be bombarded with excessive ads.  With just two 45-second sponsor pods permitted per program, each limited to 3 non-competing brands, companies are noticed in a brand-safe environment. A significant 80% of parents express their appreciation for the limited number of sponsor and ad message breaks on PBS KIDS.* So, when you choose to advertise on PBS KIDS, not only does your brand stand out and get noticed, but you are tapping into a receptive and grateful audience.

Tailored Brand Messages that Speak to Parents

Parents not only value the limited ad clutter on PBS KIDS, but they also appreciate the nature of the advertisements themselves. Why? Because spots on PBS KIDS are non-promotional, brand-focused, and carefully crafted to resonate with the adults in the room. A remarkable 83% of parents express their respect for sponsors who avoid “hard-selling” toys in their advertisements.* By aligning your brand with PBS KIDS, you can ensure that your message is delivered to an appreciative audience of parents. 

Choose PBS KIDS for Your Holiday Advertising Strategy

With the holiday buying season in full swing, it’s crucial to make every dollar of your advertising budget count. As a PBS KIDS sponsor, your brand will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Targeted Reach: Reach a highly engaged and loyal audience of parents who value watching quality, educational programming with their kids. 85% of parents say “when my child is watching PBS KIDS, I will watch with them”*
  2. Uncluttered Environment: Stand out from the advertising clutter and cut through the noise with fewer ad messages per program, capturing the attention of parents and children alike.
  3. Brand Trust: Leverage the trust and respect associated with the PBS brand and its programming, to enhance your own brand’s reputation. Parents are 46% more likely to “feel more positive about companies that sponsor PBS KIDS programming” when compared to advertisers on commercial kid’s video (TV & Streaming).

Don’t let your brand get lost in the clutter. Contact us today to become a PBS KIDS corporate sponsor to create a lasting impression with parents.

 *Source: Kantar | SGPTV, US Video Audience Insights 2023 (among adult viewers of PBS KIDS)


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