Brand Alignment with PBS Content Scores with Audiences

Quality content attracts quality audiences. Learn how brand alignment with NOVA’s award-winning, respected content can win brands the trust – and business – of NOVA’s affluent, influential audience.

In today’s competitive and saturated advertising landscape, brands seek to align themselves with quality content for brand safety, credibility, and engagement. PBS programs, like NOVA, offer media buyers and marketers an excellent opportunity to achieve this through national corporate sponsorship packages. Brand alignment with NOVA’s award-winning, respected content can win brands the trust – and business – of NOVA’s affluent, influential audience.

NOVA: A Prime Opportunity for Media Buyers and Brand Alignment

As America’s most popular primetime science series, reaching more than 55 million viewers every year, NOVA consistently produces original documentaries on topics ranging from ancient Earth to space and flight. NOVA is the gold standard for scientific journalism, recognized by the industry’s most prestigious awards, including the Emmy for Outstanding Science & Technology Programming. This focus on original content sets NOVA apart from commercial networks that rely heavily on repeats and reality TV programs that don’t delve deeply into the scientific or technology concepts that NOVA’s educated, influential viewers are interested in. This distinction allows PBS to offer brands advertising opportunities that reach a discerning audience who appreciates well-researched, informative content. Furthermore, advertising on PBS means that brands benefit from our Halo Effect (only two :60 ad pods per program are allowed, and competing brands never share the same pod), leading to an increase in brand trust, safety, and recall.

Audience Targeting: Quality Content Attracts Quality Audiences

High-quality content is a magnet for quality audiences. NOVA’s audience demographic is characterized by educated, affluent, and tech-savvy individuals who have a keen interest in science and technology. These viewers are:

  • 83% more likely to own an investment portfolio worth $250K+*
  • 44% more likely to have earned a doctorate degree*
  • 21% more likely to be super-influential in new technology*
  • 1 in 4 opinion leaders who influence any science or technology issues watch NOVA*** 

By targeting this sophisticated audience, media buyers can optimize their advertising efforts and ensure their message reaches an affluent group primed to be receptive to PBS corporate sponsor messages. 

Ensuring Brand Safety and Credibility with PBS’s Trusted Content

In addition to reaching a high-quality audience, aligning with NOVA also offers significant brand safety benefits. In an era where brand safety is of utmost importance, aligning with quality content like NOVA ensures your brand is associated with credible, informative programming. In contrast, the growing use of programmatic advertising increases a brand’s risk of running alongside inappropriate content. 

NOVA has a long-standing reputation as a trusted source for learning about STEM. In fact:

  • 92% of viewers agree NOVA is a trusted source to learn about technology**
  • 83% of viewers agree NOVA is the leader in STEM programming**

By aligning with this esteemed program, brands can tap into the credibility and authority NOVA has built over the years. This association helps protect your brand’s reputation in the eyes of discerning viewers who value educational content. 

Brand Alignment with NOVA Improves Consumer Preference

This credibility means corporate sponsorships with NOVA can significantly enhance a brand’s perception among viewers – ultimately increasing a brand’s bottom line. Research shows that:

  • 70% of viewers say they feel more positive about companies that sponsor NOVA**
  • 62% of viewers prefer to buy from a company that sponsors NOVA, compared to 40% of viewers who prefer to buy from a company that advertises on commercial TV networks**

This data highlights the power of brand alignment and how it can positively influence consumer preferences and decision-making.

Becoming a National Corporate Sponsor of PBS offers brands a unique opportunity to target a high-quality audience, align their brand with trusted content, and ensure brand safety. Contact us to learn more about PBS National Corporate Sponsorship packages to fit your brand’s needs.

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