Advertisers Benefit from PBS KIDS’ Education-First Approach

Learn how PBS KIDS’ educational credibility and brand-safe content can enhance your brand loyalty and establish trust with parents and caregivers.

With kids consuming content on an ever-increasing number of platforms, (linear television, digital streaming platforms, and connected television–CTV), it can be difficult for parents to navigate and control this crowded media landscape. So, how can parents be sure the content their kids are consuming is safe, educational, and high-quality? 

It starts with parents choosing a content creator that puts education first. Children need to develop a variety of cognitive and social-emotional skills to be successful life-long learners. PBS KIDS prioritizes education by identifying educational goals for each show and digital experience and then working with award-winning producers to create entertaining and engaging content that fulfills these goals. These key areas range from social-emotional learning and critical thinking skills to literacy and STEM. Each PBS KIDS series helps to fulfill PBS’s mission to use the power of media to ensure every child can reach their full potential in school and in life. 

Parents trust PBS KIDS’ brand-safe content

Third-party research confirms that PBS KIDS makes a difference in helping children learn the skills they need to succeed, and generations of parents agree. 81% of parents say PBS KIDS best prepares children for success in school, and 85% of parents agree that PBS KIDS is a safe and trusted source for kids to watch television and play digital games and apps.*

PBS KIDS’ Rosie’s Rules teaches through storytelling

An example of this “education first” programming is the hit PBS KIDS series Rosie’s Rules. With an educational focus on introducing preschoolers to social studies, the stories in Rosie’s Rules help kids develop a deeper understanding of themselves, their families, and their communities. Rosie’s Rules follows Rosie Fuentes, an inquisitive and hilarious 5-year-old from a blended, multicultural family, as she explores the amazing world around her. The series incorporates bilingual characters, Mexican culture, and original schoolhouse rock-type songs to enhance kids’ self-identity through history and culture.

Advertisers gain brand loyalty from PBS KIDS parents

With mission-first content, education is prioritized and delivered to children in a fun and entertaining way. With such an abundance of content available to kids today, parents know that PBS KIDS, an award-winning leader in children’s multiplatform content, is a space they can trust. Brands that align with educational content earn the respect and trust of parents and caregivers. This trust translates into purchasing power: parents are 30% more likely to buy a product for their child if they hear about it from a sponsor on PBS KIDS as opposed to hearing it from an advertiser on commercial kids video (TV & Streaming).**

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