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Become a corporate sponsor of FRONTLINE

Celebrating 40 years of award-winning, highly respected investigative journalism, FRONTLINE does the important work of tackling the complex issues of today and influencing our national conversation.

Opinion leaders turn to FRONTLINE for their news & information. Corporations looking to align their brand with a smart, informed, and influential audience of opinion leaders and policymakers, can achieve this goal with a corporate sponsorship of FRONTLINE across its broadcast and digital platforms, as well as the FRONTLINE Dispatch podcast series. 

Contact us to learn how to become a corporate sponsor of FRONTLINE.

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Sponsor Benefits

  • Two 15- or 30-second on-air spots per broadcast
  • 15- or 30-second pre-roll spots in streaming video
  • Display banners throughout the series website
  • Linked logos on every page of the series website
  • Opportunity to sponsor the FRONTLINE Dispatch podcast with a 15- or 30-second message
  • Acknowledgment in tune-in e-newsletter
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