Resources for Advertisers and Marketers

Access resources and tools designed to help you craft a successful media campaign.
The PBS Buyer’s Guide

Gain a deep understanding of the PBS audience with valuable research & insights, to help you identify which PBS show best aligns with your target demo.

2025 Broadcast Calendar

Stay organized when planning all your advertising campaigns with the PBS broadcast calendar.

Brand Lift Study

Discover how SGPTV can help sponsors measure the impact of their PBS sponsorship through the use of a brand lift study.

Technical Specs for PBS Platforms

Check out the full list of our technical creative specifications for developing video and digital ads for PBS platforms, to ensure your ads are created in the correct format and are displayed in the best light.

How to Pull PBS Ratings in Nielsen

This simple guide outlines where media buyers can find PBS ratings in Nielsen, so you have the numbers to make your own data-informed decisions.

How to Pull PBS KIDS Ratings in Nielsen

Learn how you can pull PBS KIDS ratings in Nielsen with the help of this handy guide.


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