About the Sponsorship Group for Public Television (SGPTV)

The Sponsorship Group for Public Television (SGPTV) represents the very best programming on PBS and PBS KIDS across all our platforms.

About Us

The Sponsorship Group for Public Television offers national corporate sponsors a unique opportunity to reach new audiences by aligning with our award-winning, trusted content. With an uncluttered and uninterrupted environment across all our platforms (CTV, streaming, digital and TV), brands receive category exclusivity, ensuring that our audiences fully tune in to our sponsors’ messages and value.

PBS audiences believe that our corporate sponsors are forward-thinking, innovative, and committed to quality and excellence. Third-party research confirms that our audiences have an increased likelihood of purchasing sponsor products and services.

Our unique environment and engaged audience presents a valuable opportunity for your brand and media agency’s growth.

A person is sitting on a couch, holding a smartphone and a TV remote. The smartphone displays a STEM Toys webpage while the TV in the background shows a PBS program featuring children working on a craft project.


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