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Nature Cat inspires kids to explore the world around them

Nature Cat New from SGPTV

Meet Fred the cat. He’s an ordinary house cat who dreams of the great outdoors. When his family leaves for the day, he transforms into Nature Cat, and heads out with his pals on action-packed—and hilarious—outdoor adventures to learn about science and the natural world.

Dedicated to creating the next generation of environmental advocates, this laugh-out-loud PBS KIDS series is voiced by some of the funniest folks around, including Saturday Night Live cast members Kate McKinnon and Kenan Thompson.

With a multiplatform sponsorship of Nature Cat from SGPTV, your brand will:

  • Align with family-friendly, educational content
  • Reach co-viewing parents — 53% of all PBS KIDS viewers are adults!
  • Stand out in PBS’s uncluttered sponsor environment
  • See results
  • 76% of parents trust the sponsors on PBS KIDS more than the advertisers on commercial networks
  • 66% of parents are more likely to buy an educational product if they hear about it on PBS KIDS


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