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NOVA presents "The Universe": A groundbreaking multiplatform event

Planets, stars, black holes, the sheer idea of life on other planets…the Universe is truly awesome, and mind-blowing. This Fall, PBS’s acclaimed science series NOVA takes on the Universe, combining the latest scientific discoveries with stunning images and cutting-edge CGI. NOVA goes where no one has gone before — deep into “The Universe.”

Become a corporate sponsor of NOVA and align with this multiplatform event: the 5-part broadcast and digital streaming series, a companion podcast, events and screenings, community engagement opportunities, and a robust collection of educational materials.

A NOVA sponsorship will have a powerful impact on your brand:

NOVA viewers are 2x more likely to…

  • Respect companies that sponsor NOVA
  • View NOVA sponsors as forward-thinking and innovative
  • Feel positive about a company because they sponsor NOVA 

(Source: KANTAR Media/SGPTV Viewer Attitudes & Behaviors Study, April 27–May 16, 2020)

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