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Preview AMERICAN EXPERIENCE’s 2023 season

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In 2023, AMERICAN EXPERIENCE will continue to tackle important themes, adding the critical context necessary for a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. Here’s a sample of what is ahead in 2023 from PBS’s preeminent history series.

Segregation and Racial Inequalities:
Boston School Battle (wt) — Examines the 1974 effort to end segregation, and the long struggle for education equality.

Gender/LGBTQ Issues:
The War on Disco (wt) — Explores the gay, urban, subcultural movement that gave rise to disco music and the backlash that tried to destroy it.

Female Pioneers:
Zora Neale Hurston (wt) — Explores the world-renowned writer, anthropologist, and filmmaker who challenged hierarchical assumptions about race, gender, and cultural superiority.

And on a lighter note…
Monopoly (wt) — Presents the true story behind America’s favorite game, and our country’s complicated relationship with capitalism.


Corporate sponsorship of AMERICAN EXPERIENCE signals a shared mission of support of diverse individuals, stories, and voices. And, sponsors enjoy the prestige, credibility, and authenticity that a partnership with such a reputable series brings.


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