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"Work It Out Wombats!" helps kids become creative problem solvers

three wombats from PBS KIDS series Work it Out Wombats running in garden

Malik, Zadie, and Zeke are three marsupial siblings who live in the “Treeborhood,” a diverse community of neighbors who just happen to be wombats, snakes, iguanas, and eagles. Work It Out Wombats! celebrates our differences, reminding kids that everyone is uniquely special. With an educational focus on Computational Thinking – a problem-solving process that uses key elements of computer science – the series introduces kids to critical thinking in a fun and playful way.

Work It Out Wombats! is a multiplatform project, offering sponsors 360-degree visibility on its linear broadcast series, streaming videos, website on, podcast, and educational materials.

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Why sponsor Work It Out Wombats! on PBS KIDS?

AUDIENCE: PBS KIDS is a ratings leader – ranks #1 with parents and kids
CONTENT: Quality, trusted content
ENVIRONMENT: Uncluttered, category-exclusive sponsor pods
MISSION: Signals your brand’s support of diversity, inclusion, and education
SPONSORS SEE RESULTS: Parents are more likely to buy products from PBS KIDS sponsors

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