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New in 2022: 4 PBS programs that brands will love

AMERICAN EXPERIENCE’s mission is to shine a fresh light on past events so we can understand their relevance to today’s world. In 2022, the series is focusing on contemporary, diverse stories like “The American Diplomat,” a first-hand account of the Black experience in American diplomacy, and “Riveted: The History of Jeans,” which examines how jeans became the clothing staple we know and love.

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MASTERPIECE returns this month with the heartwarming series “All Creatures Great and Small: Season 2” and a new adventure series “Around the World in 80 Days.” Ahead in 2022 are three new series featuring strong female lead characters: “Miss Scarlett and the Duke: Season 2” follows the first-ever female detective in Victorian London, “Sanditon: Season 2” depicts a spirited and unconventional young woman in a seaside resort, and “Ridley Road” follows a young Jewish woman who leaves her comfortable life and joins the fight against fascism in London.

NOVA kicks off the New Year with eight back-to-back new episodes featuring the latest in science and technology. Highlights in 2022 include “Augmented,” the dramatic personal journey of a MIT biophysicist creating brain-controlled robotic limbs, and “James Webb” (wt), the remarkable story of the most ambitious observatory ever sent into orbit.

Rosie’s Rules
Premiering September 2022 and aimed at preschoolers (ages 3-6), new PBS KIDS series Rosie’s Rules stars 5-year-old Rosie Fuentes, a Mexican-American girl just beginning to learn about the world beyond her family walls. Viewers will love Rosie’s blended, multi-generational, bilingual family, representative of so many American families in its cultural diversity and structure.

It’s been a busy year at SGPTV, with many new sponsors joining the PBS family! Please join us in welcoming our new and renewing PBS and PBS KIDS sponsors.

  • – NOVA
  • McCormick  Elinor Wonders Why & Let’s Go Luna
  • Kiddie Academy – Xavier Riddle & Pinkalicious & Peterrific
  • World Financial Group – ANTIQUES ROADSHOW
  • Department of Health & Human Services – PBS KIDS Streaming video

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